lärm/silence? ansatz #23 – zwischen digitaler stille und analogen umdrehungen

“lärm/silence? ansatz #23 – zwischen digitaler stille und analogen umdrehungen”

installation at kunstfrühling 2017-05-05 – 2017-05-21 geislingen/steige


the sum of all noises and moments, all thoughts and encounters, all feelings and informations results in noise, white noise. for some kind of people this flooding seems like the best chance to let the thoughts run free. for the others this noise appears in the most pesky noise which you have to escape immediately. but is the difference of all these inputs now silence, total silence? does this place or state really exist? is the music over? or still running? or never ever been there ?

“ansatz #23” is trying to ask all these questions but really didn’t get any answers during the installation. but the disc is still running and running….

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