framework radio

framework radio, a weekly radio show dedicated to photography, field recording and the art of sound-hunting is playing sounds from the releases “diena nakotne” and “heima®t” on edition #382.

listen to the podcast here

rage, edition s21

“wutbürger” (enraged citizen) is the word of the year 2010 in germany. the word represents the dissatisfaction of the population that major political decisions takes place without people getting involved like for example the large construction projekt “stuttgart21”. the track “rage, edition s21” is based on field recordings made during a large protest meeting in stuttgart
released for free download as track#48 of the international email audio art project #5 on archive

heima®t​/​exp – lost concert

dictaphone field performance recording “heima®t/exp” for the microcassette compilation “dictaphonia #3”
release on micro cassette on haltapes