… questions, listens, researches, drifts, absorbs,
destroys, rearranges, moves, changes, bothers
and stays, unadapted.

auvikogue, the alter ego of peter schubert, working in the field of sound art,
field recording, experimental music, performance and installation since 1998.

peter schubert is an artist and composer from southern germany. using computers, synthesizers, effects, field recordings and (partly manipulated) sound players, schubert produces music and sound works between the emptiness of the self and the exhaustion of society.
since the late 90s, he has been working in the fields of sound art, performance and improvisation, later also installation. whether in cooperation with other artists of different directions or as an individual work, the confrontation with a place, its people or specifically anchored themes is always one of the main components of his works, which often involve sounding out extremes of opposing poles, questioning the respective positions, taking them apart and rearranging them, in order to then be exposed to the interactions of nature and society on a scale between subtle disturbances, contemplative repetitions or obvious standstill. the results vary in nature and can range from the tacit object of an exhibition to experimental concert performances.

meanwhile auvikogue has grown to a kind of art collective and performances under that project title with various artists from the audio or visual scene had been played.


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