27m3 stille

27m3 stille

lärm/silence? ansatz #27: 27m3 stille

2019-05-19 baumeisterhaus, geislingen/steige

live sound performance at finissage kunstfrühling 2019


Göppingen (Germany), November 4th, 2018, Christophsbad (a hospital responsible for psychiatric, psychosomatic and neurological care).
A few steps above the café, the art therapy installation „Le[]rstelle“, which deals with the topic of silence, could be visited in the park.
On the information board of the approximately 3x3x3 meter cube is mentioned:
„Please leave the state of the room.
Do not smoke or eat.
Please close the door after entering and leaving.
Please enter the room voluntarily and decide for yourself about your stay.
Enter the room alone.
Take a seat on the stool.
Give yourself a moment of rest. ”

Inside, a stool, 4 walls, painted white …
27 cubic meters of silence …

introduction: arthur goldgräbe
sound: auvikogue / peter schubert

original hidden video content: andreas usenbenz